33 Corridor Launches at Ohio for the Business Savvy

Part of the reason that “Scripps Kids” continue to be a powerhouse in the world of journalism can be attributed to a couple of things. The plethora of student organizations for aspiring journalists and PR professionals offered at Ohio University is one. The other could be the fact that students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism are, according to senior Carr Van Anda major Brian Grady, “persistent, passionate, and forever curious.” Grady not only possesses these key qualities, but has also taken total advantage of the student organizations, even creating some himself. As a member of WOUB, president of the Ohio University Media Catalysts, student ambassador for Bloomberg, freelancer for the Athens News, and founder of Sway the Crowd productions to name a few, he decided to add another feat to his résumé in 33 Corridor News.

“33 Corridor is an online business magazine that captures innovation and entrepreneurship in a developing region,” explains Grady. The “developing region” is State Route 33 in between Columbus and Athens. 33 Corridor is designed to capture all of the business news that goes on in that area. “There are a lot of networks that are growing within that area as far as innovation centers, investors, student organizations and various colleges and universities that don’t necessarily get the press attention they deserve. Right now there is no location that has solely business news related to the area.” Anybody with an interest in the economic development of this region, whether it’s local business owners, investors, politicians, or up and coming entrepreneurs, is who Grady and his 33 Corridor business partners, Drew Davis and Alex Westerh, describe as their target audience.

Grady started up this new publication with the desire to focus a little less on the area’s poverty and a little more on where there is success. As an online news source, the 33 Corridor staff will be delivering a “continuous wave of content,” as Grady described it, with a focus on multimedia and not just text as the main source of communication on the website. His goal is also for it to be self-sustainable and he plans on staying around the Columbus area after graduation to help fund and promote 33 in order to achieve this goal.

“I want it to have a role in this community in solving problems and investigating solutions. At some point we will likely hold brainstorming and innovation events on a citywide and region wide basis. At the same time, we need to get our website off the ground and establish our presence.”

While this project is one of his most important focuses at the moment, Grady’s goal after graduation is to create a publication much like 33 Corridor, but to make it a traveling publication about emerging regions of innovation. The future looks bright for this bobcat and with such a stacked résumé, he should have no problem finding much success in his career field. Grady gives kudos to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism for helping to build him into the journalist and entrepreneur he is today.

“The journalism program really encouraged me to be involved early. I tried to get all aspects of the media package covered. They really teach you how to be employable if you take their message seriously. They encourage you to get involved outside the classroom and they have that network. Getting a degree in journalism at Ohio University means you’re also getting a degree in networking.”

Grady claims to have found all of his interests molded into one at 33 Corridor and explains that it has many practical aspects as far as business opportunities, practicing multimedia, and writing for the web.

“A lot of people say I’ve sacrificed my social life, but at the same time I’m meeting so many people. Work is fun,” Grady says with satisfaction. “My major is my hobby.”