Scripps Awards Students $3500 Grant for Internships

Receiving one of the $3500 Scripps Howard Multimedia Scholarships for her rapidly approaching summer internship is Junior Video Production Major, Carly Straight. Heading out to Los Angeles on June 13, Straight is openly ecstatic for her crash course in production with California’s very own Big Vision Entertainment.

Thanks to internship awareness from Scripps sweetheart, Tina Stewart, Straight applied and was accepted for both the scholarship and internship. Intermingling in several different areas of prestigious possibilities enables students to follow a multitude of passions.

Her advice for future Scripps Howard Multimedia Scholarship applicants is to utilize the space on the application for optional things to include. Whether it be relevant professional experience or recommendation letters, tangible examples to show respectable character can be essential.  To go along with a professional resume, communication skills can make or break an interview.

“Have fun in your interview, I didn’t talk like a scared student. I just talked like he was my friend and I was obviously really interested so it made it easier to try and get to know the person interviewing me,” Straight said.

Already possessing a knack for editing, her experience on campus through organizations was a big selling point for her travel opportunity.

“Get involved a lot, I had a lot of experience on editing in my resume and he was excited about that,” Straight said about her phone interview. One of the organizations she is currently involved with is Athens Video Works (AVW). She is also an editor for a TV show on campus called Life in Athens.

“He asked what I specifically wanted to do and I said I really like editing, but I don’t want to say that for sure until I get more experience and he loved that I said that,” Straight said of her interviewer.

Opening her eyes to more real world experience, Straight is happy to interact and be involved with industry level professionals for a change. Aspiring to work for a film company after college, she will be engulfed in tasks including working on set, filming and producing. Straight will even have the unique pleasure of incorporating her voice in an anime film during her time with Big Vision Entertainment. With the exciting chance to explore a variety of enjoyable interests, her open-minded attitude is prepared to learn the ins and outs of her dream job. Grateful for the scholarship to support her stay in California, Straight is eager to jump into this new experience with support from the Scripps School.

by Stephanie Gort