Scripps’ Schoonover Center of Communication: Center of Excellence

Dinner at the Schoonover Center Event.
Photo by Stephanie Gort

Written by: Jillian Buzzi

Many alumna, faculty, and students gathered last Thursday on November 8, 2012 to honor Steven L. Schoonover, graduate of Ohio University in 1967, for his generous contribution to the new Scripps College of Communication building. Schoonover, who was accompanied by his family at the event, donated $7.5 million for state of the art technology that will be in the building. It will be home to all of the schools within the Scripps College of Communication and will be a place where greatness is achieved.

The Schoonover Center of Communication will not only be beneficial to the students who will now be able to work together more easily, but will also help the faculty of the College stay in touch and work together to provide the best education possible. Nerissa Young, a new professor in the Scripps School of Journalism this year, is extremely excited for the move, “I can’t think of anything bad about it.”

Professor Young is also very grateful to be apart of one of the best journalism schools in the country, “Scripps differs from any school I’ve been at because of the flexibility within the program, it’s a new way of doing it and I think it is very beneficial. The students here are go getters and driven and I am thankful for the opportunity to advise them.”  This building is showing great potential for student collaboration in the eyes of faculty, like Professor Young.

Although this in an exciting time for the Scripps College of Communication, the move is also a little bittersweet. Dan Farkas, a graduate and now professor in the J-School, is one person who can agree with this feeling. “It’s like when you are a kid and moving to a new house; it’s better equipment and we will be closer to the other schools, but the old building will still feel like home.”

Despite the sentimental value the old Scripps Hall will hold, this new building will keep Ohio University ahead of the game when it comes to the communication field, “Ohio University can be a beacon for the future of communication,” Steve Schoonover said during his speech at the event.

Overall, the students and faculty of all the schools in the Scripps College of Communication are excited for the Schoonover Center for Communication to open. Steve Schoonover has given the communication community at Ohio University a generous gift and it is one that will drive the College to stay one of the best in the nation.