J-School Ambassador Spotlight: Kayla Hanley

Kayla Hanley picture

Kayla Hanley at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Name: Kayla Hanley

Year: Sophomore

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

What is your favorite memory of Athens, Ohio?

This would definitely have to be attending my first homecoming parade. When I saw the alumni band and how huge it was, I was so impressed! It makes me feel great knowing even after leaving OU, everyone is still a part and has a love for the University.

Why did you come to Ohio University? Why did you choose Scripps?

I came to OU because of the recognition it had, especially with Scripps. I knew that many professional journalists came out of Scripps and that going here would allow me to have the best connections for my career once I graduate.

If you could give one piece of advice based off your experience here what would it be?

Never be afraid to try new things. My freshman year I joined about every organization that interested me and from there, I got my foot in the door and found out what I was really passionate about.

Where is the best place you ever traveled to?

London, England this summer to cover the Olympics.

How did you become a J-school ambassador? What made you want to be one?

I became a J-school ambassador because I wanted to be closer connected to the faculty and staff. It has given me an opportunity to communicate with more of my professors in a professional sense as well. The reason I joined was mostly to let visiting students know why they should attend Scripps because of all the great things that I have been given and able to accomplish here.

What’s your favorite part about being an ambassador?

Meeting all of the aspiring journalists who visit Scripps before they graduate high school.

What does your role as J-school ambassador entail?

I am fairly new to being an ambassador so what I have been able to do so far is meet with aspiring students who want to come to Scripps, as well as alumni. I first began at the homecoming brunch where I talked to alums and their families. With the students, I have talked to them about the programs we have here and also shown them around our amazing building. Basically what we are here to do is show all of the opportunities one can have when they attend Scripps and those opportunities will assist them in the areas that they want to exceed in.


Pepsi or Coke?


Last book you read?

The Good Lawyer.

Favorite Quote?

“Love the life you live, and live the life you love.”

Dream job?

Working for CMT and being able to meet all the country stars!

Favorite restaurant on Court Street?

Bagel Street Deli.

Hidden talent?

I am very good at Euchre.

Favorite class you’ve ever taken?

Communication law.


This interview was conducted and written by Rachel Miller, an Account Associate for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism ImPRessions account.