All-encompassing magazine, Fangle, breaks onto Scripps scene

Standing out in college is next to impossible, but not for junior Natalia Radic, who is starting her own student-run magazine called Fangle.  Radic wants to branch out from her political specialization in journalism and thought starting Fangle was the perfect way to do that.

“It will be an all-encompassing magazine,” she said while describing what readers should expect.  “We really want to take the approach not taken.”

Fangle will have online blog posts, as well as magazine issues that will cover underreported issues, ranging from sports to fashion. Helping readers see stories in a new perspective is the main goal of Fangle. Students can expect to read the first issue towards the end of 2013, due to the fact that the publication is still in the organizational period. The magazine will be free to all Ohio University students and will also be made available to the rest of the Athens community.

Radic also added, “I think it’ll be a nice alternative to what we have, while still showcasing Ohio University’s journalism students in the way that current publications already do.”

The magazine still needs a treasurer and motivated students are always welcome.  Email Natalia Radic at if interested in helping with Fangle.

This blog post was written by Meredith Broadwater, an Account Associate for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism ImPRessions account.